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Moving your company’s strategy into execution can be challenging. We partner with our clients to make sure their company is performing it’s best and reaches desired goals on schedule, within budget and on time.

Core Services


Project Management Office

Whether you’re just starting to execute formal projects or need to refresh the existing project execution methodology, we tailor solutions that are fit for your organization and culture with our experienced and diverse tool kit.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our key focus and experience.  We keep integration activities on-track, in-scope and on budget while ensuring the many players involved are focused on the end goals. Your organization will be well positioned to reap the expected value from the transaction and minimize disruption to customers and employees.

Business Optimization

We bring fresh insights your business by reviewing end-to-end processes, interview subject matter experts, assess industry standards and align proposed improvements with your company’s strategic vision in mind.


Don’t take our word for it! Read how we have made an impact with our clients and colleagues.
“Program Management Office done right! I worked under Cenee’s PMO and leadership for over a year as we transformed an organization from a small local healthcare company to a global player in the industry. Cenee’ built and matured an enterprise PMO from the ground up and to date it is the single most effective ePMO I have worked with in 13 years of consulting. The most striking aspect of Cenee’s PMO was her ability to guide and lead the entire organization. She had a seat at the leadership table and leveraged it to plan the strategy for the organization’s growth and then bring in the right team to execute the workstreams, projects and programs necessary to overcome the organizations largest challenges. She also was effective in managing and leveraging the appropriate tools necessary to provide portfolio oversight without being too rigid and burdensome. Couldn’t recommend Cenee’ more highly”
David Thurow

Client Outcomes | Social Impact | Business Agility, Prosono

“Mesa Labs engaged with 5280 PMO on a large acquisition integration project, with a very ambitious timeline.  Our goal was to complete an ERP and HRIS migration in under six months, with a new multi-national business that grew our employee count by nearly 40%.  Cenee and her team proved to be the most talented project managers we’ve ever worked with, and were instrumental in the project landing on time and on budget.  They adapted to our culture, provided outcome-based project leadership and change management, and demonstrated a high degree of empathy.  It truly felt like 5280 was part of the Mesa Labs team, and owned the project’s success as if they were.”
Boden Larsen

Vice President of Business Information Services, Mesa Labs

“I have had the good fortune to work with Cenee, Christina and their 5280 colleagues for the last 3 years. I was brought into Transform and Build Out key Technology Capabilities for a rapidly expanding Healthcare organization. 5280 was a strategic partner in that multi-year journey. They brought key Portfolio Management capabilities, along with valuable insight across a spectrum of Technology functions. They supported the delivery of key Security, Business Intelligence, Business Process Analysis/Automation, Collaboration, TeleHealth and Service Desk initiatives across IT and Business Departments.

Whenever I had a resource or skills gap, 5280 jumped in and provided both insights and resources to keep us on track towards our Business and Technology goals.

The Services 5280 delivered were top-notch and always generated a high Return On Investment. I would highly recommend 5280 for any company looking to Transform and Grow.”

Scott Dickson

Chief Information Officer, Autism Learning Partners

“In my years of working with Cenee, I found her to be both impressive and inspirational. I have been engaged in multiple multi-million-dollar projects with her leading the charge and I always felt we were in good hands while she was behind the wheel. I can tell you have I worked with numerous Project Managers and what I experienced is a lack of personal responsibility and acumen for the technical side of things. What all the others failed to grasp is that it is important to understand the technical aspect, in order to truly understand where we stand in terms of progress and the true nature of our risk registers. Cenee would be working with engineers and while it wasn’t important for her to understand all the sprockets associated, she did feel it was important to know what the concepts meant for project impacts, and I can tell you that is a breath of fresh air. Too often I find a project to turn out to be a game of hot potato, with the person left holding the task to be the loser. The reality is anyone associated with that project that devolves like that turns out to be the real loser, as you find yourself behind schedule, over budget, and resources who do take responsibility, are over tasked and exhausted halfway through. Cenee takes on a role that exudes ownership. Cenee inspires me that both executives and project managers can add serious value to any project, and I am certain that those on her next projects will feel the same.”
Dan Wolf

Voice Engineer , Guardian Life Insurance

“In regard to building an enterprise PMO, Cenee’ proved to be a skilled networker with a great eye for talent, bringing in both experienced and inexperienced project managers and turning them into a powerful team that was soon running development projects spanning 4 commercial products as well as a myriad of internal technology initiatives. Even as she grew her team, Cenee was still our top troubleshooter and a critical force in rescuing several major clients. When we had a large, complicated project that required the entire company to mobilize behind it, Cenee stood at its head. She tackled her biggest challenge in 2016, when we acquired a competitor three times our size and kicked off a year-long, multimillion dollar initiative to carve out all of their technology, move it to new data centers, and integrate both the technology and a worldwide collection of service centers into the new company, while moving several sites into new buildings. Cenee mobilized a team of more than 50 people, including the entire Reed Group executive team, to complete the project on time and avoid some serious timing penalties that were part of the acquisition agreement.

Cenee knows her stuff and she rises to a challenge. The bigger the better.”

Jason Cole

CEO at Da Primus Consulting, startup CTO | Mentor, Da Primus Consulting

“I had the opportunity to work with Cenee and one of the things that i admired most, was the way she approached a challenge in a methodical and data driven dynamic, to then engage a diverse group of people to come up with solutions and an execution plan, all under a cooperative and positive environment, truly an expert in her field. It was great getting to learn from her”
Sally Chavez

Human Development Director, ListenTrust

“I had the opportunity to work with Cenee and one of the things that i admired most, was the way she approached a challenge in a methodical and data driven dynamic, to then engage a diverse group of people to come up with solutions and an execution plan, all under a cooperative and positive environment, truly an expert in her field. It was great getting to learn from her”
Juan Carlos Caire

General Manager, ListenTrust

Meet Ceneé

ChIEf Executive Officer

A visionary executive leader and consultant with a passion for driving business transformation, fostering continuous growth, and tackling complex challenges head-on. With a career spanning over 20 years, Ceneé has excelled in progressively more challenging roles across diverse industries, including insurance, technology, finance, Fortune 500 companies, and startup environments.

 As the CEO and Founder of 5280 PMO Services, Ceneé leverages her extensive experience and expertise to deliver innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of her clients. A master communicator, she has a proven track record of executing projects on time and within budget, earning the trust and respect of stakeholders at all levels.

With a relentless commitment to excellence and a knack for problem-solving, Ceneé Latulippe continues to make a significant impact in the world of project management and business consultancy. Her innovative approach and unwavering dedication to client success make her a trusted partner for organizations seeking to drive meaningful change and achieve their strategic objectives.

What makes us unique?

Our passion to help you and your team succeed! We listen and understand how your team best executes and your company’s underlying culture – we apply a ‘right-sized’ approach to execute your vision.  We love to strengthen and grow teams, gain buy-in and implement sustainable and long-term solutions.  As a boutique firm, we can bring our experience and know-how through tools that can be customized for your needs and focus.

Getting work DONE is what we do!

Our extensive experience across industries has equipped us with a mature toolkit and a wide understanding of business challenges and solutions.  We know that “show me” is the most effective way to validating this key skillset, we encourage you to check-out our project portfolio or have a candid conversation with one of our references.

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